Wellness & Pool

Hotel Central Massage Treatments

The "Classics"

Full body massage 50 min. – EUR 59.-

This massage relieves and releases tension and knotted muscles. It helps to relax and regenerate the entire musculoskeletal system.

Back massage 25 min. – EUR 35.-
Our backs are under a great deal of strain each day. Muscular tension in the neck, shoulder, pelvic and spinal area is relieved through massage.

Massage-mix 50 min. – EUR 58.-
Pure vitality and regeneration with this multi-facetted massage, which re-centres your energy.


The "Specials"

Aroma oil massage 25 min. / 50 min. – EUR 37.- / EUR 69.-
Classic aroma oil massage. Relax and be whisked away by the lovely scent of essential oils.

Back-neck-head massage 50 min. – EUR 69.-
Clears blockades and releases energy. Revitalize your flow of energy and feel the difference.

Our masseuse is a medical massage therapist.

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