Biker's Playground

Biker's Playground at the Central

With the correct riding technique biking off-road is double the fun!


To ensure that our guests can experience this fun for themselves, the ****Hotel Central holds its own weekly riding technique courses and also has its own training ground so that riders can practice and hone the skills they have learned.


“Biker’s Playground” – is not simply an up and down course we have made ourselves. The “Biker’s Playground” was designed personally by Daniel Schäfer, bike photographer, riding technique trainer and bike park designer. It contains all the technical difficulties you would encounter on natural terrain in a small area. Steps, hairpin bends, small drops, steep descents, narrow ledges – you can practise each obstacle as often as you like here in order to master it perfectly once you are out on the mountain bike routes.


P.S: You can borrow protective equipment (knee and elbow protectors)


Happy trails!!!

Photos of the Biker's Playground:

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  • b_bikers_playground
  • c_bikers_playground
  • f_bikers_playground
  • h_bikers_playground
  • k_bikers_playground
  • m_bikers_playground
  • o_bikers_playground
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