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A wonderful world of relaxation ...


Nauders, with its stunning mountains and wide range of activities, entices you to exercise in the fresh and crisp mountain air. After your exertions, what could be more delightful than to feel the tingling warmth of a sauna, to inhale the minty aroma of the steam bath, to float effortlessly in the water or to relax in the hands of our experienced massage therapist?


Saunalandschaft im Hotel Central


Hotel Central Massage Treatments

The "Classics"

Full body massage 50 min. – EUR 59.-

This massage relieves and releases tension and knotted muscles. It helps to relax and regenerate the entire musculoskeletal system.

Back massage 25 min. – EUR 35.-
Our backs are under a great deal of strain each day. Muscular tension in the neck, shoulder, pelvic and spinal area is relieved through massage.

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Photos Spa Area


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