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Father and SonDays



Experience together the 3-countries Enduro Trails


Our Big&Small guests can enjoy together the 3-countries Enduro Trails togehter on the Father&SonDays. Besides technique tips and tricks there is a BBQ at the camp fire, funny contests and quite a few goodies. A sensationial trailrevier is awaiting for every father&son, if they take the challange for a bike ride around the Lake Reschen. On the top of that there is perfect bike program with professional coaches and local bike guides. 


 Date: 06.08. - 08.08.2021


Information & registration: Father & SonDays 




The legendary Bike Ride through the Alps


A definite highlight of the Mountainbike scene! Spectacular MTB-Routes, picturesque panoramic views, beautiful places, participants from over 40 countries, 500 kilometres and 18.000 metres of elevation within 5 days make this competition unique and challenging at the same time. Pure adrenalin!


Date: 04.07. - 10.07.2021


Information & Registration: Bike Transalp


3-Country Enduro Race

This exciting Enduro race lets participants race in 2-person teams or as solo competitors in the 3-country bike arena. Racing along the trails of the Nauders and Reschen bike regions, there are different classes to participate in. 2-person teams (female, male, and mixed) are judged based on the slowest racing time of the team.


Date: 27. - 29.08.2021 


Information & registration: 3-Länder-Enduro Race

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