3-Country Bike Arena

Nauders Reschenpass – A True Road Bike Paradise

The geographic position of Nauders at the Reschenpass opens the door to seemingly endless tour options for road bikers. The 3-country region links Austria, Switzerland, and Italy allowing memorable round-trip tours through all three countries. These physically demanding tours are perfectly suited for ambitious cyclists ready to conquer some serious uphill climbs. A few warm-up tours are available for guests to practise some uphill climbs on the quiet roads of South Tyrol (Italy) and Switzerland.


We organise our annual road-bike-week during spring at the same time the "Dreiländergiro" takes place. Enjoy many events dedicated to road bikers in this fantastic road bike region. We are happy to send you further information.

Explore the 3-Country Bike Arena at the Reschenpass

Set out to conquer the challenging climbs and impressive mountain pass routes here at the 3-country bike arena. The legendary Stilfserjoch pass has 48 hairpin turns and climbs 1,800 metres in elevation at each turn, the Kaunertal glacier road includes 29 hairpin turns up to an elevation of 2,700 metres above sea-level, as well as many more exciting climbs such as the Ofenpass, Umbrail, Gaviapass, Mortirolo, Albulapass, to name a few. Following in the tracks of heroes of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de Suisse, a memorable bike holiday here in Nauders awaits all road bikers.


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