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Nauders, with its stunning mountains and wide range of activities, entices you to exercise outside in the fresh and crisp mountain air. After your exertions, what could be more delightful than to feel the tingling warmth of the sauna, inhale the minty aroma of the steam bath, float effortlessly in the pool, or simply relax in the hands of our experienced massage therapist? Our 500 m² wellness oasis, as well as our certified masseuse and cosmetician Ruth, ensure pure relaxation and well-being at the Hotel Central after a spectacular day in the mountains of Nauders.


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Saunalandschaft im Hotel Central

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Classic Treatments

Full Body Massage 50 min. –  62 EUR

This massage relieves and releases tension in your muscles. Helps to relax and regenerate the body and mind.
Back Massage 25 min. – 38 EUR
Our backs are under a great deal of strain each day. Muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, and spinal area are relaxed.

Massage-mix 50 min. – 59 EUR
Pure vitality and regeneration with this multi-faceted massage, refocusing your energy to your centre.


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Special Treatments

Aroma Oil Massage 25 min. / 50 min. – 39 EUR / 69 EUR
Classic aroma oil massage. Relax and be whisked away by the lovely scent of essential oils.
Back-neck-head Massage 50 min. – 69 EUR
Clears blockades and releases energy. Revitalize your flow of energy and feel the difference.

Hot Stone Massage 50 min. - 65 EUR

The Hot Stone Massage is a full-body massage with hot basalt stones and warm oil. The relaxing massage invigorates and activates your metabolic and cardiovascular system.

Cold-Hot Stone Massage 50 min. - 65 EUR

The Cold Stone Massage uses the stones as a cold, refreshing activator for body & mind. Stones of different sizes and different temperatures are placed on the energy centres of the body, on the chakras.

The cold stones are also placed on inflamed areas of the body.

Lymphatic Massage 50 min. - 65 EUR

The manual lymphatic system massage is not only relaxing, it additionally strengthens your immune system, as well as releasing tension in the muscles and nervous system. Activate your lymphatic system, feel detoxed and relaxed with this revitalising wellness treatment.

Anti Stress Massage 25 min. - 38 EUR

Treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation to get rid of any leftover stress deep in your muscles. The rhythmic, gentle movements release any built-up energy along your spine. Let go and relax in the hypnotic movement.

Anti Aging Massage 20 min. - 35 EUR

Facial massages are an ancient practice, renowned as one of the most historic therapies worldwide. Specific regions in the face are stimulated to activate the deep tissue, allowing for release of tension and tiredness.

Foot Massage 25 min. - 35 EUR

Love your feet! This massage mobilises your joints, stretches your ligaments gently, loosens any tension, and improves the blood circulation to your feet. Reenergise and recuperate quicker to b ready for your next day spent out in the mountains.


Ruth is a certified masseuse and cosmetician looking forward to working with you. Bespoke service for an excellent wellness treatment suited to your body & mind.




 icon manicure

Classic Manicure

without nail polish | 30min 37 EUR
with nail polish | 50min 45 EUR
with shellac | 70min 55 EUR

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 icon pedicure


Classic Pedicure

without nail polish | 50min 45 EUR
with nail polish | 60min 50 EUR
with shellac | 70min 60 EUR


Pedicure de Luxe 80 min. - 70 EUR

relaxing foot-bath | callus removal | cut & file nails and remove excess skin tissue | peeling | massage | nail polish


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RINGANA Full-body Treatment and Massage

Peeling | 25 min  32 EUR
Peeling and partial massage | 50 min  65 EUR
Peeling & full-body massage | 80 min  85 EUR


Peeling with Sea Salt

Peeling | 25min 39 EUR
Peeling & lymphatic massage | 50 min 65 EUR


RINGANA Invigorating, Skin-tightening Pack 50 MIN 55 EUR

The body is packed with film to ensure the healthy nutrients are absorbed by the body.


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 icon face3


RINGANA Facial Beauty Treatment Classic 50 MIN 70 EUR

Cleansing | peeling | deep-cleansing | facial-mask | massage | finishing treatment


RINGANA Facial Beauty Treatment de Luxe 80 MIN 90 EUR

Cleansing | eyebrow trim | colour eyebrows and lashes | peeling | deep-cleansing | facial-mask | massage | finishing treatment


RINGANA Facial Beauty Treatment for Teenager 50 MIN 48 EUR

Cleansing | eyebrow trim | colour eyebrows and lashes | peeling | deep-cleansing | facial-mask | massage | finishing treatment


RINGANA Facial Treatment for Men 50 MIN 48 EUR

Cleansing | peeling | deep-cleansing | pack | massage | finishing treatment


 Eyebrow Trim  EUR 12
 Colour Eyebrows/Lashes  EUR 12 
 Wax Facial Hair  EUR 12 
 Wax leg (half)
 EUR 12 
 Wax leg (whole)  EUR 12 
 Wax Arm Pit/Bikini  EUR 12



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